Commit Date  
[r151] by assemble
2009-07-11 19:19:22 Tree
[r150] by assemble
2009-07-11 19:01:27 Tree
[r149] by assemble

fixing repo structure

2009-07-11 18:59:37 Tree
[r148] by assemble
2009-07-11 18:55:49 Tree
[r147] by jetli

- Changes from OH Eng included in EventCal.lng
- Copy some text strings from Post.lng to EventCal.lng to save load extra .lng file for EventCal
- Removed &LoadLanguage('Post'); from

2009-07-11 18:36:11 Tree
[r146] by assemble

changing things

2009-07-11 18:31:12 Tree
[r145] by deti_p

Add formaly removed code.

2009-07-10 16:15:36 Tree
[r144] by jetli

change images with no capitals

2009-07-10 04:55:08 Tree
[r143] by deti_p

Fix Calendar date on BoardIndex

2009-07-09 21:39:15 Tree
[r142] by jetli

Added user ID, Displayed Name and Email Ajax Check

2009-07-09 21:26:42 Tree
[r141] by deti_p

Moved one setting up.

2009-07-09 20:35:51 Tree
[r140] by deti_p

Now display: "There is no event scheduled." if so.

2009-07-09 20:25:08 Tree
[r139] by deti_p

HTML-valid fixes and other improvements on the HTML

2009-07-09 18:27:10 Tree
[r138] by deti_p

fix (see comment in the code)

2009-07-09 17:46:20 Tree
[r137] by deti_p


2009-07-09 17:08:18 Tree
[r136] by deti_p

removed unnessesary code

2009-07-08 21:59:27 Tree
[r135] by deti_p


2009-07-08 21:30:57 Tree
[r134] by jetli

fix capital text

2009-07-08 20:54:55 Tree
[r133] by jetli

fix capital text

2009-07-08 20:47:08 Tree
[r132] by deti_p

fix problem with selecting guest language

2009-07-08 20:21:06 Tree
[r131] by deti_p

update admin.vars on install

2009-07-08 19:41:54 Tree
[r130] by deti_p

add regdate to default setting

2009-07-08 19:40:50 Tree
[r129] by deti_p

add validation code for guest if they want to add event

2009-07-08 16:49:59 Tree
[r128] by deti_p


2009-07-08 15:21:26 Tree
[r127] by kless
2009-07-08 07:27:17 Tree
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