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#23 Copyright issues

1 Gold - SP 1.2
Torsten Mrotz

We should decide for one copyright-layout.
sometimes it says
Copyright (c) 2000-2003 YaBB (www.yabbforum.com) -
All Rights Reserved.
( Sources)
YaBB Š 2000-2003. All Rights Reserved.
what the help and the forum itself says...
and who are the holders? YaBB developers is perhaps a
bit too undefined?

We should add again the license information (YPL) -
best would be also into the sources!


  • Corey Chapman
    Corey Chapman

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    I would worry about adding YPL info and the license itself
    back in for SP2 but not for SP1.2.1. Also, we could change
    the help file copyrights on each page to match the forum's if
    we want. But they are mainly different because help carries
    the XIMinc sponsor information and of course can't carry the
    information about the person's actual forum, but the forum
    itself is opposite for obvious reasons.

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    Make sure that you don't keep reporting that your project is
    licensed under the GNU GPL, as long as you want to keep
    people from modifying the source code in any way.

    Requiring people to pay before changing code doesn't seem
    GPL-compliant to me.

  • Tim Ceuppens
    Tim Ceuppens

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    Why not use something like

    Powered by: YaBB (Yet another Bulletin Board)
    © YaBB 2000 - 2003

    YaBB would be appropriate, since the dev's are part of YaBB

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    This software project is not GPL project. The license is not
    GPL but it is proprietary license and this fact should be
    changed at Sourceforge.net

    We will remain of using the product as it is proprietary.

  • Corey Chapman
    Corey Chapman

    • status: open --> closed-out-of-date