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4WS.Platform: released a new version 3.0.6

These are the new features and fixes included with this realese:
- Fixed a problem when passing values to the js layer on the server side
- Fixed writing log in Tomcat7
- Fixed alias translation of a virtual field in grids
- Fixed user language change
- Fixed manual business component creation
- Fixed import data from xls files
- Fixed problem on tree rendering within windows having more than one panel
- Fixed management of temporary roles
- Fixed execution of business component for delete record
- Modified errors message on data imports
- Fixed insert of image combo
- Correct manual query insert on secondary data store
- Fixed execution additional query on Oracle database
- Fixed problem when generating a grid panel, starting from a b.c. defined as a free SQL query
- Fixed problem when updating columns/controls of panes linked to a b.c. defined as a free SQL query
- Fixed number and currency field on form
- Fixed data reading on users list in SqlTool feature
- Fixed rendering of generic panels, by removing the incorrect id attribute
- Fixed object align
- Added array support in JSON objects passed to the server-side Javascript action
- Added ws to feed a tree with all nodes
- Added an optional boolean parameter in web.xml, named mobileSchedulerEnabled, used to deactivate the scheduling of mobile processes
- Added application name in 4WS.Platform Setup
- Added progressive calculation for server-side Javascript actions
- Added methods to calculate progressive and date management for server-side Javascript actions
- Added custom renderer for grid combobox
- Added event for definition url for loading data on grids
- Added the substitution of application params server-side
- Added support to multiple SQL instructions in SQLTool shell
- Added feature on scheduler, to auto-start processes who are children of a terminated process, according to the exit code
- Added SQL Template for business component

Posted by Lorenzo Luccon 5 days ago

4WS.Platform: released a new version 3.0.5

These are the new features and fixes included with this realese:
Community Edition
- Fixed renderering of filter buttons
- Fixed problem on the Web Designer realted to selector definition in columns of grids feed by SQL manually defined
- Fixed problem when doing reverse engineering from document types in Alfresco
- Fixed problem with autologin when specifying username and password and it has been invoked twice, with different usernames
- Fixed problem with grid loading with detail panel for key fields of date type
- Fixed params substitution on query
- Fixed import configuration file without considering virtual fields
- Fixed a bug related to the relations generation when using Oracle database, during the table import task
- Fixed the display of menus and menu items
- Fixed problem when alligning a data model having relations or unique keys
- Fixed problem with uppercase setting in lookup components
- Fixed problem on data alignment and virtual fields
- Fixed user image retrieval
- Fixed menu items search
- Fixed files uploading in IE
- Added user messages when setting the type of a relationship in the business component
- Fixed problem when setting a filter operator in the filter panel
- Fixed problem on remote combox having the code or description mapped with sub attributes
- Corrected display of decimal places for numeric fields of detail panel
- Added an in-memory LDAP server, embedded into Platform, used with Activiti or Alfresco when Platform is configured to work with Google SSO
- Added management of roles validity based on a time interval: you can associate roles for specific period time or associate it permanently
- Added server-side Javascript actions
- Changed the default behavior of the quaqua theme: now buttons text is showed for toolbar buttons
- Added connection pooling management through c3p0 for additional datasources too... read more

Posted by Lorenzo Luccon 2014-09-23

4WS.Platform: released a new version 3.0.4

These are the new features and fixes included with this realese:
- Fixed filter and display the appearance of the list of tables
- Correct user management
- Correct manage configuration import file in grid
- Selecting manual value in local combobox
- Added recover foreign key value on import of Excel
- Fixed filter on lookup multiselection
- Charset management for import CSV file into grid
- Fixed problem with updates on a custom theme: it didn't update the css file
- Fixed problem when creating a mobile app, caused by analytics events
- Added right alignment for form controls
- Fixed beforeQuery event for remote combo on grids
- Added CSV export on grids
- Fixed executions additional query
- Fixed files upload in grids
- Fixed renderer on number column for grids

Posted by Lorenzo Luccon 2014-07-18

Migrating from Lotus Domino to modern web solutions

Posted by Lorenzo Luccon 2014-07-14

4WS.Platform User Manual

It is now available the Platform User Manual, accessible starting from this link:

Posted by Lorenzo Luccon 2014-07-09

4WS.Platform: released a new version 3.0.3

These are the new features and fixes included with this realese:
- Added Google Analytics management for Mobile applications
- Fixed insert next action on detail action
- Fixed settings for pivot grid
- Modified automatic writing of the detail events
- Fixed display panel filter with addition of scrollbar
- Fixed display of images in the combo-box
- Fixed username and password values setting in authentication url, when there are passed to the URI, both as request parameters and stored as cookies
- Fixed pivot grid settings
- Fixed import CSV files into grid
- Correct setting selectability of the columns for panels
- Modified action detail layout

Posted by Lorenzo Luccon 2014-07-04

4WS.Platform: released a new versione 3.0.2

These are the new features and fixes included with this realese:
- Improved report definition, by allowing to specify a code selector for a report parameter
- Added param for menu file visualization
- Created multi selection lookup for filter panel
- Increased size of the field CON12_PANELS.FILTER_COMMAND
- Realigned controls in filter panel of the Web Designer
- Fixed filter on menu items logically deleted and the export of commands defined in popup menu
- The powerful new pivot grid component: will demonstrate data reduction and analysis capabilities
- Added colors definition for selected menu' function
- Added 'Opened tabs list' in tabs layout
- Fixed problem when importing data with columns having different types and added counter management
- Added new type of column and control for l'upload of files in directory
- Fixed application files export
- Fixed windows export
- Fixed installation db MS SQLServer
- Added moving tab
- Fixed markers visualization on map
- Added application user params management

Posted by Lorenzo Luccon 2014-06-19

Rapid Development Applied to Alfresco Document Management System

Rapid Development Applied to Alfresco Document Management System | Javalobby: http://java.dzone.com/articles/rapid-development-applied#.U5GOezyolww.twitter

Posted by Lorenzo Luccon 2014-06-06

News: Twitter and Facebook

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Posted by Lorenzo Luccon 2014-05-28

4WS.Platform: released a new versione 3.0.1

These are the new features and fixes included with this realese:
- Fixed create new application.

Posted by Lorenzo Luccon 2014-05-28

Released version 3.0.0 of 4WS.Platform

This is a major version and requires Java 7.
Consequently, users have to install JDK 1.7 first. Only after that operation, the installer included in the distribution can be used to instal Tomcat 7 and Platform.
In case of upgrades of the product from a previous existing version, the JDK 7 must be installed first and a new directory for Tomcat should be specified during the installation of the product; the database will be reused and upgraded automatically.

Posted by Lorenzo Luccon 2014-05-27

4WS.Platform: released a new versione 3.0.0

These are the new features and fixes included with this realese:
- Fixed files delete on form
- Changed mandatory languages fields/columns not visible
- Changed management of top and bottom bar for applications
- Added flag that identifies the parameters available in the application
- Added support to descriptions for nodes coming from a relation
- Added upload users image
- Fixed problem when saving a detail with special characters
- Added additional info on the datastores in the selection of BC
- Fixed currency column
- Fixed sizing map panel in windows
- Fixed use of inner object on remote combo
- New "quaqua" layout

Posted by Lorenzo Luccon 2014-05-27

4WS.Platform: released a new versione 2.1.6

These are the new features and fixes included with this realese:
- Modified mask for windows title
- Updated activiti styles
- Added delete panels when window deleted
- Added selected menu fore color
- Fixed loop when saving custom them, when there is not change
- Fixed problem on BPM panes rendering, when using the Web BPM Designer
- Added support to HSQL database
- Added support additional datasources in SQLTool
- Fixed problem when saving subtables on list and detail panels
- Correct settings of panel filters and quick filters in grid panels
- Added afterEdit event for chekcbox type grid column
- Added functionality in the actions tab to display components events associated
- Added multiple delete in grid panels
- Added new controls/columns type for mobile applications
- When importing is not overwritten web subcontext
- Added new type colums/fields: images from path or url

Posted by Lorenzo Luccon 2014-05-16

4WS.Platform: released a new versione 2.1.5

These are the new features and fixes included with this realese:
- Corrected height and width definition for detail panel
- Added support auto increment identity MySQL and SQLServer
- Manage correctly record grid copy with checkbox fields
- Fixed action insert
- Added a character mask for window title
- Added exportable params management
- Correct opening detail action

Posted by Lorenzo Luccon 2014-04-11

4WS.Platform: released a new versione 2.1.4

These are the new features and fixes included with this realese:
- Display panels connected to a lookup
- Fixed all SQL instructions when creating applications
- Failure to generation filter columns when editing a business component
- Fixed problem with tree lookups using a unique component
- If tree menu width is set to zero, the tree menu will be hidden
- Fixed problem with record deleting, in case of additional datasource
- Fixed problem at the designer login, fixed a specific app: the target device was not specified
- Manage correctly progressive/sequence when define data model
- Manage correctly panel settings
- Manage correctly subpanel view
- Added linked action
- Corrected application load params for login

Posted by Lorenzo Luccon 2014-04-08

Updated version 2.0.1

Updated version 2.0.1: corrected a bug in the database installation.

Posted by Lorenzo Luccon 2013-11-18

Released 2.0.1

Released 2.0.1 version of 4WS.Platform containing a few fixes (Postgre installation).

Posted by Lorenzo Luccon 2013-11-13