#29 Support for ogg vorbis theora

Christoph Eckert

Why this? Because this formats are free, and can be
played on the three major operating systems without
any doubt using the vlc projects video lan client.

So, we could easily take screen videos using xvidcap,
put them on the homepage and also offer the matching
pplayer (VLC) directly on the homepage to download.

So, spreading linux tutorial videos would be made easier.

What I still do not know is if the ffmpeg project has
meanwhile complete and not only experimental support
for theora.


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    I'd like this too. Not only the freedom part, but Ogg
    Theora(+Vorbis) compresses ~55-70% better than MPEG.

    ffmpeg -formats|grep theora gives:
    ...D V theora
    So FFMpeg can't encode Theora yet. If you can't record as
    Theora, then you could add in an option to convert MPEG to
    Ogg with ffmpeg2theora (http://www.v2v.cc/~j/ffmpeg2theora/).

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    Bump. Current ffmpeg does support ogg/theora, so adding support for it should not be a problem.

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    basic support for theora and vorbis are in svn, now.
    You need to configure with --enable-libvorbis and --enable-libtheora.
    If libvorbisenc, libtheora, and libogg and the corresponding devel packages are found, configure will build the included ffmpeg with theora and vorbis support.
    This allows selection of theora video codec and vorbis audio codec for avi format.
    Ogg container format is not yet enabled due to weirdnesses. Vorbis audio may also sound weird at the moment.

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    removed --enable-libvorbis again because libavcodec has a native vorbis encoder anyway and that seems to work more reliably.
    However, vlc does not seem to be able to play the resulting avi files (while mplayer does).