#25 Make comipiling easier

Christoph Eckert

I have tried several times to compile xvidcap.

Unfortunately, I cannot get a binary which produces
the desired result.

Currently, I get no sound at all, and anyway which
settings I choose, the video plays too fast :'( .

In 1.1.2 I got sound, but video also played faster
than sound so it has been useless.


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    could you provide more details about your configure command line
    and the output of configure?

  • configure-output on MDK 9.2

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    Of course I can do so.

    But meanwhile, I'm wondering if there is something wrong
    with the Distro (Mandrake 9.2)?

    Anyway, I have installed ffmpeg 0.4.8:

    rpm -qa | grep ffmpeg

    I tried some different ./configure options, but I'm not
    very familiar in these things; maybe, I'm simply doing the
    wrong thing. The last command line I used was

    ./configure --prefix=/usr/ -q --with-gtk2

    I run ALSA, but this is no problem because ALSA emulates
    OSS and it did grab sound with xvidcap 1.1.2. But
    currently, I get sound when recording with other apps
    (tested with audacity) but not in xvidcap.

    I do also not know much about video formats, so I played
    around with the options in the preferences. Unfortunately,
    my 1,6 P4 Mobile is not able to shoot 24 or 25 fps, but I
    tried other settings unsuccessful.

    I tried to install the binary of the deb you provided, but
    I got symbol not found errors. So I installed a 1.1.3 rpm
    I found on rpmseek.

    Anyway, I just let configure run to post the output here.
    It's included in the zip file.

    It contains a line telling
    checking for audio_init in -lavformat... (cached) no
    but I do not know if this is important.

    But the main fault on my machine is that the videos are
    played too fast.

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    the line you noticed

    checking for audio_init in -lavformat... (cached) no

    means the ffmpeg libraries provided by your distro were
    compiled without
    audio capture support. Try to configure with

    About the movie playing back too fast, try MPEG4 with fps 10
    and a
    small capture area. Make max_time = let's say 50 seconds. Then
    replay the file like "time mplayer <options> <filename>"
    You should get time to display a total time of somewhat less
    50 seconds, but between 45 and 50 secs.


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    Unfortunately this isn't very useful as a bug report -- it's
    hard to tell what the problem is, and it's not clear that
    it's a compilation problem. It sounds like you're compiling
    fine, but run into these problems:

    * sound isn't working
    * audio and video are not synchronized

    I suggest you post more detailed reports on the discussion
    board and see if someone can help you. Once it's clear
    exactly what the problem is, you can submit a bug report.


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    Sorry for posting an irrelevant comment -- I need to learn
    to scroll!


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    compiling IS a lot easier now, the fast playback is the
    commonly know frame-drop cause, and ffmpeg-sound-detection
    had a bug that has long been fixed.

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