#1 Add possibility to capture also mouse pointer

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Christoph Eckert

When capturing the scree (e.g. for creating programs
documentation), it would be very nice if the mouse
pointer would be visible in the resutling files.


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    (evaluation) researching feasibility and effort required ...

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    (accepted) a track mouse pointer option will be added in the
    1.0_patches branch, either as a capture of the actual pointer
    (preferred, but perhaps impossible) or as a paste in of some
    generic pointer icon.

    Atm it looks like it is impossible to determine the shape of
    the current mouse pointer. More research needed here.

    Current CVS has a boolean toggle in capture.c pointerWanted
    which can be set to true to capture mouse movement through
    a white rectangle.

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    • priority: 6 --> 4
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    (update: fix available) CVS has the capability to capture
    the mouse pointer
    included. It does NOT actually capture the real mouse
    pointer but insert a
    fake mouse pointer at the position of the real one, i.e. if
    your application
    changes the mouse pointer, you will not be able to capture that.

    Unless smbd. can tell me how get a pointer to the current
    mouse pointer in
    X11, I'll regard this as the only possible solution (without
    reimplementing X)

    The feature is turned off in CVS by default. To enable
    change the following
    values in capture.c as you want them:

    // Boolean pointerWanted = TRUE;
    Boolean pointerWanted = FALSE;
    Boolean whitePointer = TRUE;
    // Boolean whitePointer = FALSE;

    whitePointer will create a white pointer with a black rim,
    whitePointer = FALSE
    will do the reverse.

    commit to integrate in 1.0.19 with GUI support
    Lowering PRIO for now



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    (closed) ready for release in 1.0.19