v 1.1.3 released

  • 1.1.3 has finally made it. For changes since 1.1.2 see below.
    rpms and debs will follow asap.

            - fixed audio pts bug that made esp. piped audio input ugly

            - enforce a minimum capture area of 20x20. libavcodec seems
              inclined to segfault on smaller frames
            - fixed race condition in capture.c due to the delay added
              for the frame drop meter
            - backported the pause/max_time fix from gvidcap to xvidcap

            - fixed bug in job.c for building without libavcodec

            - made previous button insensitive when movie_no == 0 or
              pic_no < step (i.e. when the movie or frame counter would
              otherwise become negative, though for single frame capture
              that was taken care of elsewhere, too)
            - completed backport of autocontinue feature to xvidcap (dis-
              abled autocontinue for individual frame capture ... change
              through preferences dialog wasn't detected for xvidcap)
            - fixed segfault when clicking pause->rec->stop
            - fixed weird frame count reset when doing rec->stop->pause
              ->rec->stop. instead of the second rec, the last stop would
              set the frame count to zero

            - fixed bug which made usage not display --compress
            - fixed bug where --time 0 would set --frames to  zero, too
              and vice versa
            - made sure autocontinue does NOT work with individual frames
            - fixed some more pause/record stuff
            - removed several debug statements or output for verbose output

            - added frame drop monitor widget
            - fixed incomplete make uninstall

            - changed menu from file menu to popup menu on right click
              on filename button (saves space)
            - put filename button into toolbar (looks better)
            - added autocontinue pref in GTK GUI

            - added FLG_AUTO_CONTINUE, VC_CONTINUE, and XVC_StartCapture
              so autocontinue can look and work the same for max_frames
              and max_time
            - added --continue [yes|no] param
            - changed --nogui to --gui [yes|no]
            - changed --audio to --audio [yes|no]

            - added autocontinue for max_time (visible GUI stop/start
              here, though)
            - fixed stop_timer handling for pause button

            - added autocontinue for capture to mpeg with movie counter
              and max_frames. No autocontinue if filename is fix.
            - improved movie counter and GUI interaction.
            - fixed a/v sync problem after pausing
            - enabled pause button before record in gvidcap

            - Added movie numbering (manually in-/decrement using next
              and previous buttons)
            - Changed next/previous buttons to work on movie number
              for on-the-fly encoding
            - Changed filename and single capture buttons to only work
              for single frame capture
            - fixed completely broken pause button in gvidcap

            - minor fix for capturing without audio on audio-enabled

            - changed MS_MPEG4 to DIV3 and added MSMPEG4V2 as DIV2
            - added DIV2 support for AVI files since WMP only supports
              DIV3 in ASF files and we don't have an audio encoder
              WMP accepts for ASF files. WMP comaptibility now through
              DIV2 in AVI files
            - fixed pts for audio stream (video frames still timed inde-
              pendently). This fixes the a/v sync issues
            - fixed minor bug by which audio on/off toggle in the pre-
              ferences of gvidcap wouldn't save on OK
            - changed default codec from NONE to MPEG1. This fixes bug
              nr 864872
            - fixed configure.ac to remove symlinks in ffmpeg directory
            - fixed configure.ac to use ${AWK} instead of hard-coded awk