v 1.1.4 preview 1

  • Hi all,

    just checked in r1_1_4pre1
    1.1.4 is going to be the "preferences" release.
    I'm revamping the way you tell the program what to do
    in a major way ... one you may wish to test and give feedback

    What's in the preview:
    - gvidcap stores information to both single-frame capture
        (a single-frame per file) and multi-frame capture (video)
        in the preferences file and allows for toggling between the
        two (--sf|--mf). The preferences file is now
    - gvidcap will now auto-detect the file format from the
        extension correctly for all formats (i.e. specifying *.asf
        will produce an asf file, too.) The file format can be
        explicitly specified through --format <format> or in the
        preferences file (and again overriden by --format default)
    - gvidcap will use the codec specified in the preferences file
        or through --codec. If the specified codec is not valid for
        the selected file format it will reset the codec to a default
        codec for the file format. Also, you can override any codec
        specified in the preferences file by forcing --codec default
    - gvidcap can save the capture geometry. To turn that on
        you need to set the "save_geometry" parameter in the
        preferences file to "1"
    - there's a ppm2mpeg script available using transcode or
    - you can now fully configure all the xxx_commands in the
        preferences file (like the help_cmd, or the make video
        stuff). Defaults have changed to use gimp for single frame
        edit and mplayer for multi frame animate/play.
    - some limited swf support has been included (will need to
        upgrade ffmpeg for better support) ... use --codec MJPEG!

    What's not in (yet):
    - backport to Xt GUI, i.e. xvidcap
    - working preferences dialog (only CLI atm)!!!

    How to use:
    - check out from CVS (wait for r1_1_4pre1 to appear in the
    - configure as normal
    - make gvidcap
    - execute from build tree