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Known to compile under netbsd ?

  • Godron Henri
    Godron Henri

    Hi forum :)
    trying to compile under Netbsd 1.6.1 for i386.
    For all tarball i got several strange compile problems..

    I can't post here all the strange things i got... but for lastest versions i got error while compiling like this one, when gcc does not know the timeval struct but.... configure tell me that sys/time.h is OK and usable, but the  xt_idontknow.c file misses the time.h inclusion.....etc etc.....

    If the author could try to compile under netbsd, perhaps with the SF.net compile farm ? Then to put an official netbsd binary to download.. ?

    Thanks a lot !

    • Godron Henri
      Godron Henri

      in fact this problem is like this one :


      (check the first one from Pedro Massobrio at the top of the question list)

      But...for netbsd. And if i include time.h in the problematic file i got other plenty of errors like "dereferencing void pointer...etc...

      • Could you be a little more specific?
        - what version of xvidcap are you trying to compile?
        - what are the exact commands you use for configuring and building?
        - what file did you fix for the time.h inclusion?
        - what are the exact error messages you're seeing?