capture doesn't refresh

  • It seems that whenever I try to capture with xvidcap the file images is only refreshed when the cursor passes over the area or when I bring up a new window.  I'm illustrating here with Blender, the same happens with Firefox in most instances.  The effect is the same no matter what codec I'm using

    Check here for illustrative video:

    • Hmm, looks like the effect of using Xdamage where you're not getting xdamage events properly.
      What kind of window manage are you using?
      Try to disable the use of Xdamage in the preferences.


    • I will try that.. But, I decided to go ahead and build the program from source.. I'm now capturing the entire frame like I would expect.. With the exception of the frame rate getting kinda screwy as the capture progresses.  It ends up getting faster and faster.. aka,, dropping more and more frames.  Any ideas there?