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#3 Capture frame color inconsistency

Gtk2 GUI (20)
David Liontooth

In the new GTK2 GUI, the initial gray frame is expanded using a red frame when you use the selector. The resulting frame is a mixture of the initial gray and the subsequent red lines.


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    It's probably a good idea to keep the red color -- the gray used (inconsistently) by the new GUI doesn't stand out enough.

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    The frame is meant to be always red and always on top.
    Can you please provide the command line parameters you are


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    When I start gvidcap I get a small gray frame -- the same color as the background of the toolbar.
    When I use the selection icon, the new frame as it were uses the old gray frame and then adds red for
    the extra parts. When I move the frame, it instantly turns gray again. It looks like GTK sets it to a default
    color (perhaps?), which in my case happens to be gray. Configuration file below.

    # xvidcap configuration file

    # frames per second
    fps: 30.000000

    # file pattern
    file: xvidcap/s.mpeg

    # max frames
    max_frames: 0

    # max time
    max_time: 0.000000

    # quality (JPEG)
    quality: 75

    # compression (PNG, GZIP)
    compression: 0

    # use shared memory
    shm: 16

    # video codec used by ffmpeg
    codec: MPEG4

    # what kind of mouse pointer should be recorded? 0 = none, 1 = white, 2 = black
    mouse_wanted: 2

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    I found the source of the problem -- libgtk2.0-0 2.2.4-1. After updating to the latest 2.2.4-2, the frame is consistently red.

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