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1.4.6 released

Added full support for Genre management
Added rating and trailer fields

Posted by Slash 2010-01-30

1.4.2 released

Added TV Shows support
Added actors support
Some code cleaning

Posted by Slash 2009-12-28

1.2.3 major bug fix

Hopefully the empty movies list is fixed now.

Posted by Slash 2009-11-24

1.2.2 minor update

fixed save changes what broken in previous release

Posted by Slash 2009-11-23

1.2.1 release available

changes :
- Fixes support for IE8.x
- Fixes cover display
- Listing of large movie database
- Added movie flags support
- Minor interface fixes
- Minor code cleanup

Posted by Slash 2009-11-21

1.0.2 for testing

Fixxed cover issue
Movies are now sorted

Posted by Slash 2009-11-06

version 1.0.1 (stable) released

The initial stable release is finally ready. It allows managing movies properties including genres. All browser are supported

Posted by Slash 2009-10-24

Initial alpha version

Web UI for Movie
connection to SQLite completed

Posted by Slash 2009-07-11