Installation Help

  • I downloaded Eclipse and copied it to a directory.  I then downloaded XulBooster and copied the files to the directories in Eclipse.  This is my first time using Eclipse.  I've seen it before, but never actually used it.  The screenshots look great, but I can't seem to figure out how this extension works within Eclipse.  All I've been able to do is create a new XUL project, and that's it.  I don't see any of the xul elements or xul help content.

    Any suggestions?

    • You can find how to install XulBooster on

      After the installation you can find a small tutorial in eclipse.
      Click on menu Help > cheat Sheets ... > Xul Development > Hello World Firefox extension.

    • Finally got back to this... thanks for the info.

      One more problem I ran into working through the tutorial.  I register the plugin using the Eclipse interface and then run Firefox.  I get no response from Firefox When I type in:


      I can open the file directly and see the button fine, but the chrome url doesn't work.

      The only change I noticed in my Firefox profiles/extensions folder there is a new file '' with an absolute path to the project.  When I 'Unregister' the plugin, this file is removed.  This is the only change I see in the extensions directory.  I've never seen this method of adding/testing an extension.  Does this work in Firefox 2.0?  Am I missing a configuration?

      Thank you

    • My mistake!  I have 2 profiles directories and I was mistaken as to which one was the one I was using.