#67 Transparency options

Darren Janeczek

Add options enabling/disabling transparency as well as the parameters for the autogenerated shadow that halos around the tiles.

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Transparency effects
by Dungy » 27 Jan 2011 02:17

Just playing the newest snapshot of xu4. Great job working on this project again. I love seeing new releases and bugs quashed. I noticed that you are using new transparency effects on tiles, so that there are no longer black backgrounds around NPCs and other objects. This generally looks great using the VGA tileset (except for green monsters in forests), but generally looks really bad using the EGA tileset. There just isn't enough colour variations available for this to look good in EGA. Maybe I missed it, but is there any in-game option to turn transparency on/off? I didn't see it in the graphics menu.


  • New menu for graphics options now contains some parameters for transparency. It can be disabled for tiles altogether now.

    • status: open --> closed