#61 Text Rotation Not Functional on Linux

Daniel E. Markle

marklanctot on the Yahoo xtrkcad group reports:

"I installed XTrkCad in Ubuntu through the Synaptic package manager a while ago. Ubuntu has been updated several times since, I'm running the latest (10.10, "Maverick").

XTrkCad *seems* to run fine in all respects except one big one - font rendering.

Text cannot be rotated at all. Any rotated text made using the Windows XTrkCad version just ends up being reoriented straight (0 angle). This makes a complete mess of most of my plans. Interestingly the data which indicates the angle of the text appears unaffected - I can save the track plan and if I open it in Windows XTrkCad the angles are correct.

The fonts available are different from Windows to Ubuntu, of course, but even if I select the same font the problem persists.

The rotation command merely swings the text around a central point, it does not alter the angle. The Describe dialog shows the angle at 0.000, greyed out."


  • Confirmed as an issue on all Linux releases including the latest Mercurial version 12bb641de2d3