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XSLTC version 0.4 released

Version 0.4 of XSLTC has been released.

Changes from version 0.3 include:
-Completely rewrote the XPath expression parser. The new parser is fully recursive and hopefully compliant with the spec.
-Implemented additional functions generate-id() and document(). Note: document('') is not implemented.
-Updated to expat 1.1. Now comment nodes are not ignored any more.
-Caught up with some of the latest TransforMiix updates
-Fixed whitespace processing
-Fixed handling of string constants with embedded quotes... read more

Posted by Olivier Gerardin 2000-09-08

XSLTC version 0.3 available

Version 0.3 of XSLTC, the XSLT stylesheet compiler, is now available as a file module from SourceForge.

Posted by Olivier Gerardin 2000-08-27