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XSLT-process 2.2 released

We are happy to announce the 2.2 release of XSLT-process, an Emacs mode for applying and debugging XSLT stylesheets from within XEmacs or GNU Emacs.

A list of changes since the last release is here:

* XSLT-process now uses Saxon 6.5.2, Xalan 2.4.1 and FOP 0.20.4

* Debugging using Xalan is now fully supported.

* Both JDK 1.3 and 1.4 are supported.

* During debugging sessions the output produced by executing the stylesheet is serialized immediately, then displayed and incrementally updated in an Emacs window.... read more

Posted by Ovidiu Predescu 2003-01-06

Precompiled packages for GNU Emacs/XEmacs available

Precompiled packages for GNU Emacs and XEmacs are now available. These are ready to install packages, and include all the packages XSLT-process depends on; there's no need for you to download anything else. A sample .emacs file is also included.

Posted by Ovidiu Predescu 2001-11-21

Version 2.1 released

What's new?

This release adds few improvements to the previous release:

- the ability to process the result of an XSLT transformation through
the Apache FOP processor.

- initial integration with the DocBook-XSL project; HTML and PDF
generation and viewing from within Emacs of DocBook documents is

- support for specifying proxies and additional arguments to the
supporting Java VM.... read more

Posted by Ovidiu Predescu 2001-08-20

Version 2.0 released

XSLT-process is a minor mode for GNU Emacs/XEmacs which transforms it into a powerful editor with XSLT processing and debugging capabilities. With this mode you can:

- run an XSLT processor on the Emacs buffer you edit, and view the
results either in another Emacs buffer or in a browser.

- run an XSLT processor in debug mode and view what happens during the
XSLT transformation. You can set breakpoints, run step by step into
your stylesheet, view global and local XSLT variables and many more.... read more

Posted by Ovidiu Predescu 2001-06-20

CVS repository

I moved the CVS repository from my internal machine to Sourceforge.

Posted by Ovidiu Predescu 2001-03-23

Sourceforge project created

I've created a Sourceforge project for XSLT-process.

Posted by Ovidiu Predescu 2001-03-23