#177 JIT Help

Val Cummins

Please consider adding a HELP icon ( a question mark for example) after every field and beside every function that links to a WIKI page of HELP.

This would mean that ANY new user could click on that help popup and receive JUST IN TIME (JIT) help before adding to a field or trying to execute a function.

Many of us typically load up new software and start playing. Reading the manual first is considered un-manly and not what we want to do. We're excited about getting started right away. And then we run into something we don't understand. Instead of having to stop the excitement and scan a manual of documentation for help - give it to us right NOW and right THERE on the screen as we're about to execute a function or add data to the system.

I believe this would raise the acceptance of XRMS considerably and reduce the number of calls and requests for help in the forums and personal phone calls. If it is a WIKI page - everyone in the community can add to the documentation as we all learn and improve the product.

Thank You in Advance.


  • Val Cummins
    Val Cummins

    • priority: 5 --> 7