#168 'Self' Contact records and addresses


Not sure: Bug, feature, or other, but...

When adding contacts/companies through Admin/Import
Companies/Contacts: If contact has no company name,
contact is not automatically put in "Self" company; is
instead skipped, it seems.

And, if "Self" is added as company name in the data to
be imported, the addresses are all called "Self", where
it would be better to make the address_name be the name
of the contact. We now have hundreds of addresses named
"Self" for the company "Self."


  • Brian Peterson
    Brian Peterson

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    I agree that the Address Name should probably be the contact
    name, city name, or some other descriptive text.

    I wouls like to remove the 'Self' hack entirely from the
    code and instead use the 'Unknown Company' (company_id=1) to
    hold these types of Contacts.

    One problem with 'Self' is that is is specific to an
    English-language company called 'Self'.

    Another problem with 'Self' is that it encourages CRM users
    to not clean up the data, finding companies for the Contacts
    in the system and definieng them correctly.

    Another problem with 'Self' is that the handling in the code
    for 'Unknown Company' is far more robust. The 'Self' code
    is pretty fragile.

    I'm assigning this to vanmer so that he gets involved in
    this discussion. I actually want to discuss our options and
    possible pros and cons of different changes before we change
    anything significant. It seems like changing the
    address_name on import is the least of our problems.

    Please Advise,

    - Brian

  • Brian Peterson
    Brian Peterson

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    • summary: Self contact addresses --> 'Self' Contact records and addresses
  • L5eoneill

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    The installation docs gave an instruction about setting up
    the "Self" company and did not describe "Unknown Company",
    so I do not know in what ways this is more robust. Perhaps
    the installation functions should instruct one to set up the
    Unknown Company first (or, better, should insert it via sql
    script automatically). It does not exist "by default" on a
    new installation.

    If this were done, other fixes would likely be unnecessary,
    other than handling the naming of addresses (or any other
    issues you feel neither "solution" handles well).

  • Brian Peterson
    Brian Peterson

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    XRMS v1.99.1 (now) clearly exposes an option for what to do
    on trying to insert a Contact that does not have a Company

    The Section in System Preferences works like this:

    Undefined Company Method
    Insert method used when no Company is defined for a new Contact

    You are given an option to:
    'Use Unknown Company',
    'New Company uses Contact name', or

    This option is completely supported in the normal UI of XRMS
    when Contacts are added to the system. It is only partially
    supported in the import scripts, but not completely.

    I think that we still have a little work to do to eliminate
    your problem (on import) completely. I'll work on that and
    continue to post to this Tracker item with updates.


    - Brian

  • Brian Peterson
    Brian Peterson

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    I think that this is completed. I'm gonig to close it.

    I will also add a Roadmap item to thouroghly review the
    Import process. I think that it could stand to be more
    robust than it is.

    But, specirfic to this bug, I think that Unknown company
    should take care of the the issue as you have reported it.


    - Brian

  • Brian Peterson
    Brian Peterson

    • status: open --> closed