New Look

  • Simon Radford
    Simon Radford

    I've been working on a new look for XRMS, I have a graphic design company and my clients will be seeing their own page on XRMS.
    I thought I would post it here to get any feedback that anyone has to offer.

    It's a fixed width layout at 1100px wide. It has a back button and the nav has a 'current' state on the buttons.
    This is not just a css makeover, but the only file with any major changes is includes/utils-interface.php

    A find & replace took these '<div id="Main">' and changed them to these '<div id="Main" class="ClearFix">' so that the div #Main around #Content and #Sidebar contained tham properly.

    The main #Content has not been styled yet, I'll post it when finished.
    If anyone wants a copy, I'll zip it and upload it somewhere.


    • Bert

      I love it!
      I would prefer a 960 px wide, for typical 24-inch splitscreen mode use.
      But this is fine to begin with. Hope to see it in the next release and if not please send me a copy.

      Thanks for your input!

      cheers, Bert

    • Karl

      Hi Simon,

      where is this theme downloadable ?

      Greetings from Switzerland

      • Simon Radford
        Simon Radford

        I've been caught up trying to push a lot of work out recently, so I put this to one side temporarily I'm afraid.
        I will try to package it up for download in the next couple of weeks though.

        Simon Radford

  • rebaths

    How's that working out?