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X11rdp with Xorg6.9 and FreeType >2.2

  • Since FreeType broke things from 2.2.x releases compiling Xorg with them is quite hard. I'm on Debian Etch, so reverting to older libraries didn't come to question. I'm neither a programmer or developer so following these directions or applying patch included might break your Xorg.

    First, get Xorg source from Xorg.org. This is important because distribution specific patches might prevent XOrg or X11rdp compiling/working. X11rdp can be aquired from CVS of xrdp.

    XOrg has some dependencies witch you might want to fill before trying to compile several times like I did, get following (or equivalent) development packages:

    +propably some others too.

    Patch I made consists of few different patches found from mailing-lists etc.:
    - from http://freetype.sourceforge.net/freetype2/freetype-2.2.0.html patch:
    applied for freetype and fontconfig
    - from http://www.arcknowledge.com/gmane.comp.fonts.freetype.devel/2006-05/msg00037.html included patch with few fixes

    It can be applied from xc-directory with patch -p2<freetype2fix.patch

    config/cf/host.def                    |    1
    extras/fontconfig/fc-cache/fc-cache.c |    1
    extras/fontconfig/fcftglue.h          |  135 ++++++++++++
    extras/fontconfig/src/Makefile.am     |    1
    extras/fontconfig/src/Makefile.in     |    3
    extras/fontconfig/src/fcfreetype.c    |   67 ++---
    extras/fontconfig/src/fcftglue.c      |  380 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    extras/fontconfig/src/fcftglue.h      |  135 ++++++++++++
    lib/X11/XlibConf.h                    |    7
    lib/font/FreeType/fcftglue.c          |  380 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    lib/font/FreeType/fcftglue.h          |  135 ++++++++++++
    lib/font/FreeType/ftfuncs.c           |  136 ++++++++++--
    lib/font/FreeType/ftfuncs.h           |    1
    lib/font/FreeType/ftsystem.c          |    1
    lib/fontconfig/Imakefile              |    4
    lib/fontconfig/fcfreetype.c           |   67 ++---
    lib/fontconfig/fcftglue.c             |  380 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    17 files changed, 1728 insertions(+), 106 deletions(-)

    As above shows it's quite ugly (duplication of code) there might be also some unneeded changes. After applying patch XOrg should compile with:

    make World

    Assuming that compiling succeeded install as root: make install.

    After that compile X11rdp (Xserver from xrdp -projects CVS) with instructions included with it, copy X11rdp to /usr/bin. Remember to use xrdp from CVS or rename/symlink X11rdp to Xrdp when using xrdp 0.3.