#33 Key Up events are sometimes lost

Jay Sorg
xrdp (25)
Jesse B

While running over xrdp, I periodically experience a "stuck key". While two key_up events should register (the SHIFT key and the letter key), it seems like one key_up is sometimes lost. This results in the system hosting the xrdp session to behave as though the letter key is still depressed, repeating the keystroke until another key is pressed.

I am currently running from 64-bit Win7 mstsc to Fedora 14, but have experience this in xrdp v5+ on FreeBSD 8.2RC3 as well. It happens across all host applications, but not outside of xrdp, such as PuTTY/SSH. The network connection between them is excellent, single-hop, wired. I think this did not happen with xrdp v4.? against Ubuntu 10.10.

The easiest repro is (quickly)
1. key_down:'a' (or any other letter)
2. key_down:'right_shift' (or left_shift)
3. key_up:'a'
4. key_up:'right_shift'
5. 'aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...'

(By the way, Jay, huge thanks for your project which makes *nix systems available from Windows.)


  • Jesse B
    Jesse B

    Additional repro info: It seems that there may be something within the session, where this either happens or it doesn't. Most of the time, when I am typing, every few minutes it acts as though a key is stuck, due to this problem. However, there was one session when it would not repro at all. I thought maybe some non-xrdp update might have fixed it. Unfortunately, the next session it was happening again. So, might try a new session if it won't repro after steps 1-4 above.

  • Jesse B
    Jesse B

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