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xradio / News: Recent posts

Xradio 0.7.1 release

- Add proxy support
- Add new radio
- Fix Europe1 dead link

Posted by ekim 2009-09-17

Xradio 0.6.3 release

Add 6 presets to allow access to a radio in one click

Posted by ekim 2009-06-28

Xradio 0.6.2 release

Add possibility for user to add radio

Posted by ekim 2009-06-19

Xradio 0.6.1 release

Close following tickets :
- 17 : Use mouse wheel to control volume
- 18 : Keep window position across restart
- 19 : sound level control not enougth linear. Use log.
- 20 : Add new Greek Radio requested by christina
- 21 : Correct broken link for some Greek radio (thanks christina)

Posted by ekim 2009-06-01

Xradio 0.6.0 release

Add auto update capabilities

Posted by ekim 2009-05-17

Xradio 0.5.1 release

Add currently played info in title bar when available

Posted by ekim 2009-05-01

Xradio 0.5.0 release

Add possibility to minimize in system tray. This option is activated by default but can be change in option menu.

Posted by ekim 2009-04-24

Xradio 0.4.0 release

- Add sound control
- Option to keep volume across startup
- Add option to control how menu radio is displayed

Posted by ekim 2009-04-13

Xradio 0.3.0 release

Add favorite menu to allow user to easily access its favorite radio

Posted by ekim 2009-03-31