Announcing XRadar 0.95

The XRadar team proudly presents version 0.95.

New features:
1. Totally new defined metrics approach gives the user an extra edge by being able to define the total quality for your system.
2. The GUI has been reshaped and made more intuitive.
3. Source control metrics can now be integrated into the reports. The MKS source control plugin is released very soon.
4. This version supports the upcoming IntelliJ and Eclipse plugins.
5. Simplyfied configuration.

All data is as always presented in a browsable, graphical and consistant form. In addition comes the existing plethora of graphical reports based on the results from the XRadar's measurement capabilities:
- package design metrics and dependencies
- code size and complexity
- coding violations and code-style violations
- source control metrics
- unit test metrics code coverage
- duplications

See for the teasers.


Posted by Kristoffer Kvam 2005-01-24