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XQuiSoft Logging version 2.2 available

See the release notes for details.

Posted by Michael 2009-06-17

Documentation Available Online

You can find supporting development information in two places:
1) http://www.xquisoft.com/. This is the main web site for the entire XQuiSoft framework which includes the logging component. Documentation for all xquisoft components starts on page (with TOC): http://www.xquisoft.com/xqsdn/documentation/index.html
specific logging documentation is here (no TOC)
http://www.xquisoft.com/xqsdn/documentation/xquisoft.logging.data.html... read more

Posted by Michael 2006-04-13

Release 1.0.5000.0 available

The first complete version of the logging components are available. It is now three separate projects.
1) the core logging functionality, and standard logging providers and filter providers.
2) the database logging provider with install support (help from xqs-provider project).
3) A set of unit tests utilizing NUnit version 2.2

The set of log providers includes:
** DebugLogProvider - writes to System.Diagnostics.Trace and System.Web.TraceContext as applicable
** ConsoleLogProvider - writes to System.Console
** EmailLogProvider - writes log messages to email. recommended as an exception provider only so as not to overflow an email box.
** FileLogProvider - writes log messages to a file. The filename can be formatted based on the event being logged. This is how you can accomplish a new log file every hour (or other interval).
** BufferedLogProvider - acts as shared buffer amoung one or more other log providers. This provider can have child logs. When the buffer hits the configured buffer size, all the buffered messages are sent to the child logs at once.... read more

Posted by Michael 2006-04-03