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new features and some dbc bugs corrected.

In the today snapshot we have added a smart, low memory usage, statistical functions calculator.
Many test faults affecting check range related dbc methods are now running green.

Posted by Christian Cassano 2005-02-03

snapshot released

XQDbc enhanced. Two nice variation of Strategy Pattern. More tests.

Posted by Christian Cassano 2004-11-06

xqore-0.0.2 released

We are proud to announce the release of the new xqore version. We will be pleased if you signal bugs, needs and what ever you want us to know about this piece of software. You can find the whole documentation and test results at this location (http://www.xq-group.org/maven/xqore).

Posted by Christian Cassano 2004-09-19

Next official release is coming soon :-)

The most important thing is that all the deprecated methods will be removed: so update your software. Stay tuned for the new release.

Posted by Christian Cassano 2004-09-04

new snapshot after some vacation

There aren't many news in here. we released a snapshot to add to the logger the info method that was missing.

Posted by Christian Cassano 2004-08-23

more powerfull logging

in cvs version XQLog has the info level now!! We'll release a snapshot soon with this and many other, we hope, enhancements

Posted by Christian Cassano 2004-08-05

new snapshot version released

XQDbc completely restyled, many methods have been deprecated.

Posted by Christian Cassano 2004-08-03

snapshot download section added

If you can't live without the "bleeding the edge" release of our artifact you can find it in the xqore-snapshot download section.

Posted by Christian Cassano 2004-07-07