XQF 1.0 has been released!

After six and a half years of development, version 1.0 of XQF has been released!

Please see the ChangeLog for full details and credits.

Here is the list of what's new - some of which were only available previously by downloading the CVS version:

-New games: Doom3, Jedi Academy (wine)
-Redial understands free private slots and won't connect to password protected servers if there is no password defined by the user
-Support for the Half-Life steam master
-Support for Americas Army 2.1
-Export the variables XQF_SERVER_NAME, XQF_SERVER_MAP, XQF_SERVER_HOSTNAME and XQF_SERVER_GAME when launching a game
-Custom arguments for RedOrchestra, Troopers, AlienSwarm UT2004 mods
-Animated tray icon for the GTK2 version
-Quake 3 gametypes for World of Padman
-Copy/Copy+ also copies to the CLIPBOARD instead of only PRIMARY to allow paste via CTRL-v
-Quick Filter
-Requires qstat 2.6

Posted by Alex Burger 2004-08-15