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xqf migrated to subversion

Please find instructions here:

Posted by Ludwig Nussel 2008-01-11

new installer

a new installer that contains qstat 2.10 has been released. Qstat 2.9 contained a bug that only allowed it to list 231 Quake 4 servers. Please redownload the installer if you use xqf for Quake 4. Check that the installer says qstat 2.10 when you run it to make soure you got the right one.

Sorry for the confusion, Ludwig

Posted by Ludwig Nussel 2005-10-22

Doom3 protocol version

For the Doom3 release 1.1.1282 you need to use the master server protocol version 1.35. The next XQF version will be able to detect the version automatically.

Posted by Ludwig Nussel 2004-10-04

XQF 1.0 has been released!

After six and a half years of development, version 1.0 of XQF has been released!

Please see the ChangeLog for full details and credits.

Here is the list of what's new - some of which were only available previously by downloading the CVS version:

-New games: Doom3, Jedi Academy (wine)
-Redial understands free private slots and won't connect to password protected servers if there is no password defined by the user
-Support for the Half-Life steam master
-Support for Americas Army 2.1
-Export the variables XQF_SERVER_NAME, XQF_SERVER_MAP, XQF_SERVER_HOSTNAME and XQF_SERVER_GAME when launching a game
-Custom arguments for RedOrchestra, Troopers, AlienSwarm UT2004 mods
-Animated tray icon for the GTK2 version
-Quake 3 gametypes for World of Padman
-Copy/Copy+ also copies to the CLIPBOARD instead of only PRIMARY to allow paste via CTRL-v
-Quick Filter
-Requires qstat 2.6

Posted by Alex Burger 2004-08-15

XQF 0.9.14 has been released!

XQF 0.9.14 has been released!

Posted by Ludwig Nussel 2004-03-21

new Enemy Territory version

You need to use 83 as master server protocol version for Enemy Territory v2.56

Posted by Ludwig Nussel 2003-09-14

XQF 0.9.12 has been released!

XQF 0.9.12 has been released!

Posted by Alex Burger 2003-06-11

Enemy Territory

Enemy Territory support has been added to CVS. A new version of xqf will be released next week. Please report any bugs you find.

Posted by Ludwig Nussel 2003-05-29