xpy 0.8.13, xpyle 0.2 and.. the future

Today a new version of xpy (0.8.13) has been released. Though 0.8.9 was already supposed to be the last release in the 0.8-series, this seems to be it. I'm making more progress on xpy 0.9 than expected and it should be available in late summer.

The upcoming release will store informations in a way incompatible to previous builds, though it's not entirely certain what the new format will be like. However, there will be an additional tool that converts the old to the new format.

Also new is the tiny tool called xpyle, which can be downloaded from the Developer Tools section. It basically compiles and packs the monolingual builds of xpy. For me it will save a lot of time in the future and you might want to use it aswell.

Posted by Jan T. Sott 2005-07-05