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XPlug Game Query Tool / News: Recent posts

BETA release

I was cleaning out some files and came across this BETA release I made up for a LAN party. It works for me but hasn't been tested other than that. I never heard how it work at the LAN party though.

There is also a new source release with some extra files I was working on to improve system compatability and maybe make it faster. Have a look, if you wanna complete some part of it or add something to the project just let me know.

Posted by Chris Weiss 2002-09-20

XPlug Closed.

After not doing anything with XPlug for a long time, and not having any motavation to do anything with it since I have moved on to Linux on my desktop, I have decided to official stop maintaining XPlug. XPlug will continue to remain available for download and this site will also remain to support the game lists and such. If there is someone that knows VB and is willing to take over the project just let me know. If no one takes over the project, there are still options for you in Q3Plug ( ) and AXPlug ( ).
So long and thanks for all the fish.

Posted by Chris Weiss 2002-06-18

Source Code zip file!

I've finnaly updated CVS and made the long awaited source zip file with version 1.2.5 code.

Posted by Chris Weiss 2001-06-18

New Home for XPlug

Welcome to the new home of XPlug.

Visit the Surveys section and help influence XPlugs future!

Developers: Get the source code from the CVS Repository! If you have a bug fix or improvement, subit the patch in the Patch manager.

Thanks to the SourceForge crew for maintaining such a usefull place for Open Source projects

Posted by Chris Weiss 2001-02-03