Email notification configuration

  • Although I'm aware of the xplanner.mail properties group (which is presumably used to configure the and events classes), I am not sure of what specific properties are used to turn on/off notifications for:
    - story create
    - story update
    - story delete
    - task create
    - task update
    -task delete

    Currently, I get notifications for Task Create and Task Update, but nothing else.

    Anyone know what properties are available to manage these event notifications?

  • There is no properties or any other way to configure on which events, and who will receive emails.
    It's planned for version 1.1 but still not implemented yet.

  • Excellent. I confess after posting this message I pulled down the project and had a look at the source for the Email subsystem, and it was pretty obvious that there was no active code there to achieve this. However, I am pleased to hear it's under consideration. I will try to contribute if I can find some time to work on this.