Linux version?

  • David Slimp
    David Slimp

    I see you have a win32 version available.
    Is there a version for linux out there?
    Or one in the works?

    • Uoti Urpala
      Uoti Urpala

      Currently, we don't have a precompiled Linux version. Compiling it yourself isn't hard, but requires some experience, and the instructions aren't all that detailed. We probably will have a binary in some Linux package format available later.

      (Sorry it took a while to reply, I haven't checked these discussion pages too often...)

    • Erik Andersson
      Erik Andersson

      About that.. I'm having trouble with anonymous CVS. it sais no such user :-/


    • J. Veenhuizen
      J. Veenhuizen

      Five years later...

      Actually, compiling isn't hard at all if you have the required libraries installed. Just untar the source package, enter the distribution directory and type:

      make install

      If that doesn't work, the most likely cause is that your system lacks the SDL libraries. Either try to install them, or compile xpilot without sdl by typing:

      ./configure --disable-sdl-client
      make install

      You probably need to become root in order to install.

      • k. siegmund
        k. siegmund

        You're a bit on the late side with your reply, aren't you?

        Btw., actually, there's a debian package available now and xpilot-ng is in debian testing/unstable.

        Gentoo support is AFAIK also present, but RPMs for the major distributions are still missing.


    • Darel Cullen
      Darel Cullen

      Unbuntu seems to have native packages for XPilotNG too..

      The download stats seem to show something of an upswing over june july strangly.

      I would do an up to date windows build (using only opensource compilers etc) but sadly the latest control center is still broken.

      The newer versions of SDL seem to have some nice fixes in for windows so it could be good to get a newer package out there.