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Testers wanted

I'm looking for a few people to help test XPAdvisor.

The only expectations that I have of you, if you want to help, is that you will always be running the latest development release (I'll make every effort to not release something that doesn't work), that you promptly report all errors, and that you sign up for a sourceforge account.

The account is free, and allows me to add you to the project webpage, which will give you cool perks such as being able to change things on bugs and give you credit on the project home page.... read more

Posted by Daniel Millen 2003-12-05

What's happening?

We should have a new webpage up and running by the end of the weekend. The new site will include all sorts of functionality currently missing.

I'm also contemplating moving all of the plugins that I manage into one site. This will help improve visibility to all of my plugins as well as make things a bit more maintainable.

Currently, XPAdvisor is broken (no one told me when it broke!). I should have it up and working again within a week or two. This will include a completely new version, that will have been completely rewritten in C++.... read more

Posted by Daniel Millen 2003-12-05