#140 could eraser tip and btn2 erase act differently


I like (at different times) both the "eraser erases entire stroke" (mode 2) and "eraser erases part of stroke" (mode 0). Since I can erase with either the eraser tip or with stylus + button, it would be nice if these could be configured individually.

The fact that the config file (0.4.5) has both
would suggest it can do this, but it isn't working for me.

Perhaps this is really a bug report, or (I sort of hope not) a PEBKAC report.

Can someone tell me how things are supposed to be?



  • Denis Auroux
    Denis Auroux

    You also need to set btn2_linked = false for other settings such as btn2_erasermode to take effect. By default (btn2_linked = true), only the btn2_tool information is used, but the tool's actual settings are copied from the main (button 1) tool.

    Using the options menu, what you'd need to do is:
    - Select the eraser, and set whichever mode you want for button 2
    - Options -> Button 2 mapping -> Eraser
    - Options -> Button 2 mapping -> Copy of current brush (rather than "Linked...")
    - then set the eraser mode to what you want for the eraser tip
    - Options -> Save Preferences

    (probably easier to just edit the config file since you already figured out where things live).

    Let me know if this works or not (there could still be a bug, and I'm travelling so can't test now).


  • Jim

    Well, so what you are saying is "yes, PEBKAC" :-)
    Thanks for the information, I didn't grok the "linked" business.

    There is a slight glitch, which may be another PEBKAC issue.
    When I have the eraser tip in mode 2 and the btn2 eraser in mode 0, occasionally the btn2 eraser will erase the whole stroke. (And, no, it's not because the eraser width is anywhere near the size of the stroke.) I can't reproduce this reliably, but since "undo" replaces the whole stroke in such cases, it isn't a major problem.

    Thanks for your very quick response.