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1.8.3 released

Changes since xosview-1.8.2
- NFSDStats ans NFSStats Graph, Decay and UsedMode are now configurable

- SunOS updates, compiles now cleanly with gcc 3.3.2

- Fix for linux intmeter for interrupts > 16 thanks to John Adams

- Small patch from Gunnar Wolf for lmstemp (change int to double)

- Fix battery meter for case where lack of APM report -1%. Thanks
to Gunnar Wolf.

- Allow netmeter to specify, via the Xresource xosview*netIface,
which network interface it will monitor. Patch thanks to Gunnar Wolf.... read more

Posted by Mike Romberg 2006-02-19

xosview-1.8.2 released

This release contains changes for the linux
2.6 kernel along with other linux related
patches and bug fixes.

Posted by Mike Romberg 2004-06-08

xosview version 1.8.0 released

To be followed by 1.8.1. Please submit
bugs :).

Posted by Mike Romberg 2002-02-25