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Wortify 4.0.6 - WordPress Client for Xortify.com

Wortify 4.0.6 has just been released on the Wordpress SVN. It is also available from our downloads section of files if you want to manually install it. Wortify is a WordPress client for https://xortify.com that prevent the following:

  • spam
  • malicious sign-up
  • harvesting
  • build-me-ups
  • Big Umbrella attacks
  • null byte insertion
  • SQL Injection attacks
  • and much more...

You will be able to install it on WordPress 3.x by searching the plugins for 'wortify' as soon as it is mounted on the resource! This is essentially a dual layered condom for your site, no more will your password be reset or people attacking your website this prevents most forms of malformer use on your website!

If you have any problem please raise a ticket here: https://sourceforge.net/p/xortify/tickets/

If you would like to join the discussion our forums are here: https://sourceforge.net/p/xortify/discussion/

Posted by Est. Simon Antony Roberts 2014-03-13 Labels: Xortify Wortify WordPress Plugin IP Security Honeypots