Xortify.com for Wordpress 3.x

Project: Wortify 4.1.6

Wortify is a variant of the XOOPS Xortify and Protector modules, it prepares and protects Wordpress from Hackvists, SQL Injections, DoS Attack, Big Umbrella Attack, XSS Attacks. It also shares the https://xortify.com ban list and raises bans on the site for the 3 months hold.

The Wordpress Plugin Wortify 4.1.6 is currently not operating as it is still in development but if you want to view the code you will find it in our trunk on the SVN here: https://sourceforge.net/p/xortify/code/HEAD/tree/trunk/Wordpress%203.x/4.1.6/htdocs/wp-content/plugins/wortify/

We are using the framework from a similar module called 'WordFence' which provides successful protection but not along the lines of Xortify. It will also as a plugin do heretical checking of content for being spam on the service as well as using existing spam as a form of training for the API.

We are around 35% of adjustments of the code, and steadly we hope to have a release of the Wordpress Plugin for Wordpress 3.x of Worify within several weeks from now!

If you would like to get involved with the development of this Plugin, the Xortify Project is Open Source and we are always looking for more Developers to join the project and heck if your strong with WordPress then this would be an ideal project to take under your wing. Xortify is operated by a Cooperative called Chronolabs (https://chrono.labs.coop) but if you want to get involved then either put some contact details in the following forum :: https://sourceforge.net/p/xortify/discussion/get-involved/ or connect to me on skype - wishcraft555.

Posted by Simon Antony Roberts (Syd) 2014-02-11 Labels: Wortify Xortify Protector Worpress Plugin