Aaron Shang James Liao

Pica8 Xorplus

Pica8 Xorplus is a switching software supported by open community. It drives Data Center Grade of switch platforms and provides no-cost L2/L3 protocol stacks. Most importantly, Xorplus enables the community to innovate. Users can develop leading-edge protocols and data traffic management without the limitation of traditional embedded switches.

With the fast improvement of switching ASIC, the off-the-shelf switch chips, such as Broadcom, Marvell, and Fulcrum, have surpassed the performance and density of in-house designed chips from traditional switch system vendors, such as Cisco and Brocade. However, we are still missing an open source switching software in order to drive these high performance ASIC.

Pica8 Xorplus is an unique open source software, which runs on Data Center Grade of switch platforms to provide not only high quality of protocol implementation but also high performance of switching/routing speed. With the open source software and open platform, users of high performance switches can finally break the lock-in of high-margin proprietary switches.

Pica8 Xorplus is committed to building high-quality open-source switch software, and working with white-box switch vendors, such as Pronto Systems, to achieve10 folds of performance/price compared to legacy embedded switches. Xorplus also enables innovation on the accelerated platforms. For example, Xorplus has successfully integrated the Openflow implementation into its code base, which allows researchers to experiment new network architecture.

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