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The project changed the rule about confirming

  • minahito

    The project decided to change the rule for confirming bugs. From now, a committer who fixes bugs closes the item soon.

    I'm sorry that we did not discuss it in the open space, because nobunobu doesn't feel well. Therefore, the following announcement is already null;

    "Confirm fixes for 2.1.2, please"

    The reason of the deciding is that there are not the plural active committers now. In addition, it's difficult that end-user contributors review fixed code.

    I hope that committers keep well even if they can not come to here.

    • fabi

      I agree about it.
      I hope everything begins to move by this.

    • genet

      Okay, I agree with you, too.
      in RC test, user's experiences will prove whether new bug fixes are well done or not.

    • plusangel

      I agree with it as well, dear Minahito!

      It's difficult for us (simple users) to confirm the fix of a bug...

      And I don't talk about a "loud" bug, for example a blank page when you click that button...
      but for all this "intelligent" bugs that our dev team always look after.

      Think that for some of us (like me) it's even unknown the way to confirm a bug or a patch.

      By publishing an RC it will be a better way to check them in total.

      In addition this policy will help the project to go forward in a faster pace.

      At the happy day that we will have a bigger team probably we can think about it again.

      +1 vote for the change!