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To XOOPS Core,

Xortify for XOOPS has reached the end of it's SDLC (Software Development Life-cycle). It is currently stable in version 4.16 which also has it own project on sourceforge (https://sourceforge.net/projects/xortify/) where you will find the XOOPS 2.5 + 2.6 Clients in the following path (https://sourceforge.net/projects/xortify/files/XOOPS/).

If you are unsure what Xortify is, it is a honeypot that works in conjunction with protector, to maintain on the cloud a list of bans for 3 months of would be hacker, hackervites and other forms of mal-use like a captcha sweat shops (a 3rd world human rights abuse).

To keep the cost at $ 0.00 to use the API, we have found a company called http://ArckInteractive.com that where willing to host the https://xortify.com cloud services for free in their http://ArckCloud.com. It has a 5 year SSL Certificate and can take a total pounding from sites!

I have put so much work into Xortify that it was for sometime, my only concentration looking fand finding any bugs. There will eventually be other forms of Clients for Xortify, Hopefully for things like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc. Which means the cloud will be stronger than before than just XOOPS.

I know xortify back in version 3 of the series had a couple of disaster releases but this is the final releases for XOOPS and I would love and hope you will include it in 2.6 package release for the end client to make a choice over installing or not!

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  • I think it would be best to be modified to a plugin, so it is easy for other module writers to use the spam training and other features of it, otherwise the classes are quiet usable for this as a module as well!