#205 XOOPS CORE MANAGER: System functions!


Hallo all the core developers!

I would like to know the time frame of the new core, so
that the community of Xoops knows exactly how long do
they have to remain jealous of Joomla users! ;-)

I suggest therefore the following, as I love to see
those functions in xoops as well:

  1. Whats there:
  2. Why do the module developers need to program each
    time "save", "delete", "help", "new", etc like here:


Those are really system functions. There could be a
hook to classes and if the module developers wanna use
them, they could really save their time. By this, one
achives an unified look in the administration.

  1. Whats not there in Joomla:

  2. Group manager with access rights

  3. Subscriptions manager
  4. Site manager with access rights
  5. Universal category manager with access rights
  6. Menu manager with access rights
  7. Database mapping manager (use other CMS and standalone)
  8. Regions manager that mapps a user, products,
    companies, etc with regions
  9. Cache manager
  10. Modules manager
  11. Pluggins manager
  12. User manager with complex access rights
  13. Permissions manager
  14. System core Installation manager
  15. System events manager
  16. Email manager
  17. Newsletter manager
  18. Database manager
  19. Support manager
  20. Hooks manager

There are so many functions that are not in Jommla
which are already in Xoops. But they are not programmed
to show up in a commercial way as in Joomla. It is just
the question of a new face and better shape of the core.

Thats my feature request:

Better administration of the core with many existing
and new functions.

I hope that the core team decides rather soon of how
the new administration look would be and which are the
functions that will crop up in time. The value of the
new core from the user point of view in this regards is
of prime importance as compared to a possible delay in
the development of a new Framework of Xoopsphere, or
something. This can be done but if it is at the cost of
time that the users has to wait, that would be a bit of
prolonged and tiresome waiting by us...


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    Hallo phppp!

    Ok, you asked about my technical taste. Here is my favorite
    (DO not underestimate whats in there!):

    Download Links

    In this ZIP you will find the following files:

    bitflags.php has UNIX style permissions
    /hash.php >> How interesting!

    .....function loadUsersByIds($ids = array()) {
    Line 207
    function _loadCustomFields() {

    function getRemoteUserId() { (Remote <> Local User mapping!)

    Reading sessions:
    Line 44
    function _read($session_cookie_name) {
    .....$recordSet = $this->db->Execute >>>

    This program could check either local or remote through a
    pluggin. I am converting a xoops pluggin to log...

    Further, I like:

    class privileges_obj {
    var $acl_list;

    function privileges_obj()
    global $session; // clean up
    $this->acl_list =
    function has_restriction($bitfield,$bitgroup=BITGROUP_1)
    if($this->is_superuser==1) return false;
    return $this->check_bit($bitfield, $bitgroup);

    Thats nice, is'nt it?

    If you see how they use remote_user_ids, database_fields,
    etc, you would see that Xoops is not too far from it whereas
    Joomla is millions fathom away. Especially the groupping
    structure in Mambo was phooh!