#117 Resolve, find posts and find members by IP, for better bans

Core (214)

I notice Invasion Board has a option for IP search, now
I'm not sure if this should be a core xoops request or
a newbb request hence why I've posted it here as well.

From time to time we all get some troublesome users, so
the features would be cool.

Resolve IP Address: This option will allow you to look
up an IP address for more information (note, you must
enter all 4 parts of the IP address to use this tool)

Find Posts with this IP: This option will run a search
for all posts associated with this IP address

Find members who registered with this IP: This tool
will run a seach for all members who registered with
the entered IP address

If you wish have a look at the invasion board see how
they work it, this would be a great tool for all.