#108 Add param to invert drawing of XoopsGroupPermForm tables

Julian Egelstaff

The forms you can build with XoopsGroupPermForm are
really great, I love them. But I think that API could
be made even better by adding one more parameter:

Right now, it displays a list of groups, and then an
item list you've specified, which corresponds to
possible permissions you want those groups have.

It would be great if you could pass a parameter(s) that
would draw the form inverted. Instead of each row
having a group and a list of perms, make each row a
perm and a list of groups.

If your site has a lot of groups, and there's a certain
permission that all groups should have, being able to
make a table that was drawn this way would make it A
LOT easier to apply those permissions. You could just
click the ALL box for that permission's row and give it
to all groups, instead of having to click the box for
that one permission in the row for each group, like you
have to do now.

You could also use this functionality to provide an
alternative way of handling giving module access and
admin perms to groups.

Right now you have to pick a group to modify from the
System Admin->Groups page, and then specify the module
access and admin perms (and block access rights) for
that group in particular.

With an inverted GroupPermForm form, you could have a
table where each row was a module access perm or admin
perm, and beside each was a list of all your groups.
You just check all the groups that should have that
perm, all at once, and apply the changes once, instead
of having to manually adjust each group individually.
For many situations in sites with lots of groups, that
would be wonderful!