Static Home Page

  • Hi guys

    Is there a way I can setup a static home/top page in Xoops? I'm wanting basically to display the general Mission Statement, Who we are, etc etc on the top page only and then have the news module load below that, but I don't want to have to use the news module to display the first part, if that makes sense.

    Anyway quick tips would be appreciated.

    Andy (the nub!)

    • Ta very muchly! I'll play about with that and the settings to get it how I want now. :o)

    • Bluenova

      Just create a block to display the static info

      Goto system admin - Blocks, and create a new block to display on the front (top) page, then goto groups and set permissions for the new block.

    • Fantastic .. it's that easy .. and there was me looking for a module that does it!

      Cheers! :o)

    • Bluenova

      If you are going to have a lot of static pages look at wf-channel, but if it's just for a bit of text on the front page then just use the blocks.

      :) Distinct lack of smilies on sourceforge :D

    • There won't be too many static pages on there, but I'll certainly have a look at it.

      The one problem I'm seeing now is that on any news page (as I have news set to show on Top Page) that I get that block up on there too as Xoops sees it as being the top page. Is there anyway round this?

      And I know, real lack of smileys, so people just have to remember the old ways before smiley parsing .. teehee ..


      • davidl2

        Set the top module to none... and put a block for latest news items in the top page...