#1290 Newbb 4.33 RC7 - Refreshed on 4.55 for XOOPS 2.6


Notably I have been looking for a copy of NewBB that works with XOOPS 2.6 to test the Federated Networking EOOPS Module's syndication of threads between services. I couldn't find any working copy, so I have convert 4.33 RC7 and fixed quiet a number of bugs as well as added hierestical spam checking of content on local or cloud with SpamAssassin.

All needs to happen with this ZIP is the images added back to the file structure as well as all the strict notices and warnings of variable types in class functions added to it! All the templates have been fixed for XOOPS 2.6 and it is tested working.

Oh you also have to implement PDF module with the makepdf.php in the root of the module, I will be using this ZIP to make xForum 6.0 which is being re-badged to the module 'Threads 6.0' thanks I hope you peripatetic me patching together 4.33 to all the new XOOPS 2.6 standardisation!

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