#1289 Incrediable amount of phpDocumentor errors - Over 40 pages


If you check this (http://feeds.labs.coop/docs/) completely clean code for documented with standard tags included no added on to changing the config of phpDocumentor 2.0 which is part of Unit Testing.

See on the report of the health of the project documentation reasons; where you need to fix a clean work flow of:

@package class
@subpackage xoopscache

You also need at least one @summary take with every element and node of the code; you can have several @summary which is the summary depiction and perhaps examples of the function in a line of @summary

You need to include with at least class header the @author if not in every piece of the function declarations as well. You can have multiple @author.

If you look at the xoops phpDocumentor on http://xoops2.6.labs.coop/ and the report you will find 40 pages of errors on http://xoops2.6.labs.coop/reports/errors.html

We need also the @version and @params and even additional tags which would have to be the result of hours of redoing comments in XOOPS 2.6 Alpha can be made up cause you can tell phpDocumentor what comment tags it should focus on, so if you can think of a useful @tag to add or two maybe three do it.

I think we should have a @category for example.

This document at http://xoops2.6.labs.coop/reports/errors.html was created by running at the command line:

phpdoc -d . -t docs

This builds an API Document PHP Document. This or an earlier version is what www.php.net was based on! This sort of docs folder is inclusive in the archive docs Normally in pro-releases of code!

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