#12 Server State Patch


With this patch, the server keeps a more detailed
picture of the server thread's state. It prevents any
events being sent to the server when it is not ready
to process them, i.e. during startup and shutdown. To
implement this, the NSPort messaging was extended to
also transmit an integer number.

The patch also hides event types 25 and 26 from
AppKit. These types are undocumented mouse down and
mouse up events for mouse button 3 and higher. AppKit
doesn't know about them and prints a log message each
time it receives one.

Patch taken against XFree86 CVS as of 04-22-2001.
Apply with patch -p0 in programs/Xserver/hw/darwin.


  • Detailed server state patch

  • Logged In: YES

    • assigned_to: nobody --> torrey
    • status: open --> closed-out-of-date
  • Logged In: YES

    Most of this patch has gradually been included and the ideas
    have been used several places. (NSPort messaging between
    threads extended to send an integer number, etc.) The only
    thing that hasn't been included is preventing the server from
    receiving events when starting up or shutting down. This so
    far has not been found to be needed in testing. Since all the
    other pieces are there it would be very easy to add this if
    needed when the event system gets reworked. Closing this
    patch as the few remaining unused parts are fairly out of