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#38 XDarwin changing clipboard


If I am running XDarwin and PasswordWallet(works with the
clipboard) at the same time, and I switch from the PasswordWallet
application after copying something into the clipboard to DarwinX
and then back again, PasswordWallet complains that the
clipboard contents have changed when it has not. What is DarwinX
doing to the clipboard when I switch to it and away from it? I
assume it is migrating clips back and forth. Is there a way to turn
this off? I would love to see a check box someplace to turn this on
or off. Thanks! (Doh! Sorry for the repeat submit, missed the email
box at the bottom!)


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    With the X window system, whatever text is highlighted is "on the clipboard". XDarwin tries to make cut and paste between Aqua and X11 seemless by translating each environment's notion of cut and paste as it switches back and forth. It would be possible to add an option to turn this off, but this would disable cutting and pasting between Aqua and X11.

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    I would like to see this feature or maybe the ability to specify which way the clips travel. So that I could paste from Aqua into X, but not the other way. Might be nice to have two check boxes, one for into X, and one for out of X. That way users could have the best of any of the four options. In, Out, In/Out, and None. Thanks!

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    This is a reasonable feature request. The biggest question is how it would be turned on and off. Check boxes in the preferences are fine, but clumsy to use for the occasional cut and paste. Moving to feature requests.

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