#35 Retain focus on mouse cursor in menubar

IKEGAMI, Tsutomu

In root-less mode, the window which retains focus
cannot get the keyboard events, when the mouse cursor
enters in the menu-bar area. I'm happy if the window
continuously keeps the focus, since I'm an iBook user
-- when I'm typing, the mouse cursor jumps all over the
screen, and eventually, the keyboard input is lost...


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    This was a deliberate feature (or misfeature) to solve a
    particular problem: The problem is that people expect
    XDarwin to live in two different UI worlds. People want to
    be able to use Command-Q to quit XDarwin while at the same
    time some X clients want Command-Q to do something else. The
    solution we came up with was that when the cursor is in the
    menu bar, the Aqua UI conventions apply. Thus, Command-Q
    quits, Command-H hides, etc. In addition, if you open the
    XDarwin preferences window with rootless mode running, this
    is the only way you can type things into this window.
    Anywhere outside the menubar, X11 rules apply. So Command-Q
    does nothing special and keyboard focus is set however the
    window manager decides.

    For the next full release of XFree86 we are planning to make
    several big changes to how this all works. We'll keep your
    request in mind as at least an configurable option.