#29 Scrolling is slow in Full Screen mode


Scrolling is slow in Full Screen mode (i.e. lines
moving up in an xterm), whereas paging is
comfortably fast (i.e. complete redraw). Dragging
windows is also slow. Seems to be tied to
situations where the image on screen is
translated horizontally and/or vertically.

Both scrolling and dragging windows seems fast
in rootless mode.


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    The same thing happened on my side (both on XDarwin 1.0.6
    and XFree86 4.2), so I did x11perf.
    Rootless Full screen
    copywinwin100 0.5782 7.4163
    copypixwin100 0.9450 0.9231
    putimage100 7.0106 3.2425
    scroll100 0.7440 12.7221
    rect100 0.6156 0.8386
    ftext 0.0042 0.0017

    Copying within the same window is extremely slower in the
    full screen mode.

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    The main difference between rootless and full screen modes
    is that rootless drawing is buffered. For operations like
    scrolling, which involve copying one section of a window to
    another, this can make a big difference. There are plans to
    improve the performance of XDarwin in general for the next
    full release of XFree86 (4.3.0). Rootless mode will be the
    first thing we concentrate on, but I would like to at least
    get full screen mode to use a shadow framebuffer.

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    The top of the tree now uses shadowfb for full screen mode. This greatly accelerates scrolling and drags. Drags are much smoother and scrolling is about 10 times faster.